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we have a strong stance on gun safes. If you have a gun, lock it up.  get one NOW! t benefits you, your family and everyone around you. Gun safes provide secure protection and storage for your firearms and ammunition. Preventing access to gun products is required by law in many places, and gun safes provide a secure environment. Our gun safes come in a variety of different sizes. Our smallest ones hold a single pistol while our larger ones can accommodate multiple rifles. 



We have been in the business for over 20 years and are one of the leading names in the locksmith field. No matter if you need to repair a safe, buy a safe, or install safe, Omega Locksmith personnel will be with you every step of the way. We offer a variety of services for your convenience. Safety is always our number one concern. That is why we offer products from only the top safe manufactures in the country such as Gardall Safes and Amsec Safes.


We offer all types of wall and floor safes in a variety of different sizes depending on your needs. In order to install a home safe, we need to frame and create an opening in the wall of floor where the safe is going to be. Our staff is trained to be as precise as possible to avoid damage to the surrounding area.


Depository safes are ideal for business purposes. It allows people to drop cash or other valuable items into the safe without actually opening the safe. It can hold money and important documents among other things such as . Depository safes can come in single door or double door. We can also accommodate for size and strength. Depending on what you prefer, the safe can have either an electronic key pad or an old fashion spin dial. 


Home safes are the most selling safes item. Most small home safes are used to store fine jewelry. A small home same may be installed in the house's wall/floor, preventing an easy discovery and handling by the average thief.
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Omega Lock & Security sells a line of economy and large fire-safes, all which are UL listed. These means the safes have been tested under extreme fire conditions. The UL rated 1 hour safes can last an hour under intense heat. All of our safes can be sold with an electronic keypad or with an old school spin dial. The safes come in all safes and sizes so they can fit into whatever space you have. 


Omega Lock and Security Professionals offers the sale, servicing, and installation of safes in NYC for both, household use and commercial use. We have a wide selection of safes including fire rates safes, depository safes, wall and floor safes, burglary safes, and gun safes. Safes come in all different sizes and ratings so you can choose the level of security that is right for your specific situation. All safes are available with an electronic keypad or an old fashion combination spin dial.