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 Omega Lock & Security Pro is the uncontested leader of lock forging, installations, replacements, and repairs on the NYC Locksmiths  market. We currently provide a vast array of locks and locking mechanisms for our COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL clientele at competitive prices. Below are just some of the New York Locks & Locksmiths  locks and lock related services that  Omega Lock & Security Pro provides. We have a wide selections door lock for installation ranging from

 high security locks, lock cylindersMortise Lock, lock set, combination locks, high security bottom locks, top locksdeadbolt Locks, cylindrical knobs, electronic locks, magnetic lockdecorative lock-set, levers set locks, and digital touch screen lock.

Deadbolt locks:  Omega Lock & Security Pro provides both single and double cylinder deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are more resistant than spring bolt locks because they cannot be retracted unless the lock cylinder itself is rotated. This is in stark contrast to a spring bolt lock that uses a spring to hold it in place. Thus, an intruder could extract it by pulling on the spring bolt with sufficient force. In addition to formidable resistance against intruders deadbolt locks also require a key to open. Moreover,  Omega Lock & Security Pro can provide vertical deadbolt locks that are completely resistant to lock jimmying thieves.

Gate Locks: We provide several different gate lock variants including slide bolts, key based gate locks, and spring latches. Slide bolts latches are found on the interior part of the gate only. You would need to manually slide the bolt to close the gate. Key based gate locks, however, are found on the outer part of the gate and lock automatically as soon as you close the gate behind you. They, evidently, require an actual key to open. In addition,  Omega Lock & Security Pro provides spring latch gate locks which use a sturdy coiled spring to bind both components together, allowing for easy in and outdoor access. However, we provide you with a switch that you can use if you want to keep the gate locked from the inside.

Window Locks: We currently provide 4 different window locks, namely, folding locks (open only slightly), hinged wedge locks (lock adjustable window access), keyed sash locks (require a key to open), and window latch locks (most common window lock on the New York Locks & Locksmiths  market).

Quality Lock Installation

Our technicians are trained to handle many different installation environments. From installing new security locks for your office or securing apartment complex units with standard locks, we have the ability to handle any installation. Proper lock installation depends on the type of lock, the structure around the lock and more. Our thorough training means our service teams are able to assess what is the  best lock for any giving scenario.

Maintenance after Installation:

It is not enough to simply install the locks. Lock installation is only part of the service that we provide. Once installed you will need to have a qualified and professional team to help service your lock system. Omega Locksmith NYC prides itself on the dedication that we have for our customers. 


  • Our Clients have a variety of high security and standard  locks to choose from.  they can either request a quote online or to call and speak to one of our sales team.
  • Upon receiving a quote for the lock installation we schedule the installation around the convenience of the client. Same day installation is available. 
  • When our locksmith technicians finish installing the lock in your home or office,  we make sure that client is given instructions on how to use the lock.
  • All of our work is Guaranteed and If needed after Lock Installation we will do all lock repair or maintenance.