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proximity credential tags are highly compact and sleek in their design. The new tags are available for use with 125 kHz RFID reader technologies, and are available with optional printed id. Having no power of their own, they can be read by card readers when they penetrate the electromagnetic field produced in the proximity of the reader. 

card functions as an identifier.
Using a reader, the card is identified and the system responds accordingly.

​​Bio-metric Reader


The MIFARE® full finger capacitive reader is small, elegant, accurate, swift and cost effective. It provides a high level of security and preserve users’ privacy as well as architecture and interior design integrity.

The reader scans bio-metric data stored in a specific and protected sector within a MIFARE® smart card, it then compares the data with a presented finger and, once verified, sends the card ID to a connected controller.


Multimedia Digital Video Surveillance & DVR PC Management Software is an advanced digital video recording and remote surveillance client/server software for Microsoft® Windows. The software supports live view, video recording and playback from major brand IP cameras of multiple local and remote sites in multi-client/multi-server installations, enabling the export of digital recordings for storage.

The Server-Client software management system enabling management of modular networked Access Control panels.
 management software is user-friendly, intuitive, reliable, and rich in functionality. Using the cutting-edge development platform, you can integrate and deploy various security and time & attendance applications with ease.

Control with Ease of Use- The IP based access control systems

this is a widely used system, effective in maintaining the security from anywhere you have internet. We can configure the software to work with existing networks. IP based systems allow you to manage access control systems such as electronic locks from a web browser. Since the system can be accessed as long as you have a PC, it allows you to control your security with ease and flexibility. In cases of wireless based access control systems, the network is connected by wi-fi and works the same way as wired systems.

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The AY-Q64 has a slim rugged metal construction ideal for high traffic and harsh environments where PIN code and RFID card access are required. This model is epoxy filled, designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment, and has advanced programming options as well as patented blue backlit keys. 

Rosslare’s AY-M20B is a powerful RFID proximity card reader of 125-kHz cards and tags, featuring multi-format output and an excellent read range. the AY-M20B is equally suited to indoor and outdoor use.

KeyPads and Card Access


Single/dual door networked access 

The state-of-the-art single/dual door AC-215IP networked access controller is the backbone of medium scale security systems handling up to 30,000 users and 2046 doors. Driven by Rosslare’s powerful, flexible, and easy to use software, the system provides an ideal modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs. 


Omega Lock & Security Pro provides the most advanced and state-of-the-art bio-metric access control (BAC) systems on the New York Locks & Locksmiths  market. Our BAC systems can be used to track and monitor groups of people or individuals. They also allow for full access control and identity access management. Moreover, our BAC systems can implement various means to recognize or detect a person based on unique traits such as DNA like the finger prints. 
For example,  Omega Lock & Security Pro currently provides 4 different kinds of fingerprint readers. Our pin-less fingerprint reader does not require a pin pass code. It allows you to manage and program over a thousand users by simply using a remote programmer. Moreover, we provide an online fingerprint reader that can detect up to 4000 unique fingerprints with template management being handled centrally using the provided software. However, if you do not wish to use bio-metric compatible computers,  Omega Lock & Security Pro also provides a standalone model that can be programmed to detect up to 300 unique fingerprints directly from the fingerprint reader itself. Furthermore, we provide a fingerprint verification reader that uses post-it patches and a smart card. That is, it will only allow access if both the smart card and fingerprint are verified at once, allowing for dual security measures.

Moreover,  Omega Lock & Security Pro installs bio-metric door locks that incorporate multi-core detection technology. Our cylindrical fingerprint locks are battery operated and are installed as standalone locks. Furthermore, they can detect fake fingerprints using algorithmic analysis, electrostatic capacity, and optical features such as infrared lighting. 

Biometric Access System

New York City Electronic Access Control

Omega Lock & Security Pro's  provides electronic access control (ECA) services for maximum security for compounds and the like in the New York City Locksmiths  sector. EAC is a system that allows its user to allow or deny access to integral and confidential computerized information systems or actual physical compounds.

Our EAC systems will allow you to keep tabs on the activities within your establishment as well as record any actions that transpire from the exterior or from within. By using a single primary EAC mainframe you can control access to every room in your facility remotely via a single, intuitive interface, saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in the process. Other benefits of our EAC systems include being able to track employee absenteeism, punch-in and punch out times, break duration, productivity levels, and even provide audits. In addition, our proprietary EAC systems can save you hundreds o f dollars when it pertains to employee turnover because you won’t have to worry about changing the locks when ex-employees leave.

In addition,  Omega Lock & Security Pro provides PC, MAC, and other web-based EAC solutions with single and multi-site access functionality. Furthermore we will provide you with control access readers and cards and I.D. tracking photo badges do prohibit unauthorized access and deter corporate malfeasance. Moreover, we can also provide you with edge devices that are only single-door enabled if security is of the utmost importance.

Omega Lock & Security Pro's offers a wide series of EAC systems with various different features at different rates. For instance, our EAC systems’ access code range ranges from 150 to 3,500. Some of our EAC systems require pins, while others require proxies, smart cards, or all 3.  Omega Lock & Security Pro will provide a free consolation as well as an inspection of your establishment in order to assess the security needs of your complex before we recommend and implement one of our award winning EAC systems within your facility. 

The most common Access Control System used in NYC market are:

  • Keypad Access – Allow building residents or employees to enter the building with a PIN number.
  • Bio-metric Access – Restrict access based on bio-metric fingerprint scanning.
  • Card Access – Only those with activated key cards will be able to unlock doors.